Urbis Opalo 3

The following pictures show Urbis Opalo 3 on Scotland Road in Carlisle

These lanterns started to appear in Carlisle round about 2006 as general replacements. Towards the back end of 2006, Upperby road was converted from Philips MA90s to Opalo 3s running 150w CDO lamps. The old Stewart and Lloyd columns were replaced with Nedal aluminum columns and the lights were controlled by Zodion SS6 blue cone photocells set to come on at 55 lux.

The following pictures were taken between 2004 and 2006 and show the old scheme with the Stewart and Lloyd columns, Philips MA90s and P42 cells. Then the old scheme being replaced.

And this is how things look now in April 2015

As I write this webpage on the 18/04/2015 I have a feeling that the Opalos on Upperby road will be replaced by LED lighting within the next few months. So I thought to document this phase in Carlisle's lighting history was important!

I acquired an Opalo 3 on the 19/01/2015, it was removed as part of the LED replacement scheme. The following Pictures are of the lantern.