Thorn Beta 4

The pictures below were taken in 2004 in Durdar. This lantern has since been removed and a 5mtr hockey stick with a Beta 5 has been fitted in it's place.

This lantern always interested me as this was the only mercury lantern running in Carlisle, I have always wanted one of these lanterns in my collection. As this was the last one I never thought I would own one. On the 29-02-2008 I received a call from Paul Turbull, Lighting engineer at Cumbria county Council. He told me he had a few lanterns for me. When I went to see him on the 02-03-2008 one of the lanterns turned out to be a Beta 4. Thanks to Paul for keeping this for me. :) The pictures below are of the lantern once I got it home.

I intend to get the canopy sandblasted and a swan neck column made for this lantern. I decided to fit a 50w MBF tube to it as I had some electronic 50w gear I wanted to try out.

Since this page was created in 2009 I have discovered that south Cumbria is a haven for Thorn Beta 4s. I visited a little village called Grange over sands which still has many beta 4s. The following photos were taken in January 2014.