Thorn Alpha 3

The following Pictures were taken on Bridge Lane in Carlisle. The Alpha 3 dose not work. I have been informed that the lamp fitting will be taken down this week 24/05/2005.

The council very kindly kept the light fitting for me. I picked it up on the 03/06/2005. I intend to mount the lantern on a 6' post which will incorporate the gear. The following pictures show the fitting.

As can be seen from the pictures the fitting is in good condition. All that is required is a good clean, the paint work is very rough on the collar, therefore I will strip it off and repaint it. The fitting also has a photo cell, this requires the thermal unit in order for it to operate. The following pictures show the fitting being dismantled and paint being stripped off.

I used Nitromorse paint stripper to take the paint off the collar. Before the post arrives I need to take the old arm out of the fitting, re-spray the collar, clean up the canopy, get some control gear and reassemble the fitting. The following pictures show the lantern being fitted to the new post