Street Lighting Section

Hello and welcome to my street lighting collection. Here you will find nearly everything could ever wish to know about street lighting in Carlisle and Cumbria.

Website Updates 18/05/2015

I have been doing a few updates in this section. In the Metal Halide section I have added a Phosco P700 and an Urbis Opalo 3. I have created an Auto Switching page, all that is visible at the moment is the Horstmann stuff I have collected.

LED Replacement

April 2015 sees the first Phase of the LED Replacemet scheme completed with 1009, 135W SOX lanterns and 250/400W SON lantrens being replaced with Thorn R2L2 lanterns. The 2nd phase is to start in May 2015 seeing the city's 90W SOX and 150W SON lanterns replaced with Urbis Axias.

Street Lighting in the News 24/09/2014

There has been some controversy in Cumbria about the replacement of over 11000 street lights at a cost of £7 million. Please read the article in the following link. News and Star report on Street Lighting

Brampton road is the first victim to have it's familiar orange glow extinguished by the ever increasing L.E.D.

Weekend Lights 18/04/2015

Tonight 18-04-2015 I am playing with some P42 sensors. I have made a prototype test board to test them and T20 sensors and cells

When powered up the controller switches the lamp on, after a short while the controller thinks it's daytime and swithces the lamp off. Now in darkness the controller thinks it's night time and switches the lamp back on again. It's a great way to test the operation of both cell and controller.

Weekend Lights 18/10/2014

Tonight 18-10-2014 I have got my Philips MA50 mk1 and L4135 ballast out and running, what a classic combination! I do like the Phillips MA50 Mk1, these were very popular in Carlisle once upon a time but are now in decline. There may only be about 10 of these left in Carlisle now.

Please see below some photographs of my Philips MA50