Shed Data Logger

Welcolme to my Shed Pi Data Logger. At the heart of the data logger is a raspberry Pi Model B. This is set up in the shed and receives a digital signal from the time clock. The internal tempearture of the Shed is also transmitted by the pi

The Pi

The Model B raspberry Pi is at the heart of the data logger. There are two inputs into the pi, a digital signal On or Off and an I2C signal, DataByte. The Digital signal is sent from the Sangamo Time clock controller which controls the Shed outside light.

The last communication from the Shed Pi was at...
How long ago did the Pi Communicate?.... 0 Minutes and 0 Hours

Shed Outside Light

The Shed outside light is controlled by a Sangamo S251 timeswitch. This switch has a solar dial which means it tracks the Sun's yearly pattern. It roughly switches the shed light on two minutes earlier every day until the winter solstice. Then the switch on time gets later by two minutes every day until the Summer solstice.

Outside Light is Off

Last seven days switching Pattern

Fri 18-08 Sat 19-08 Sun 20-08 Mon 21-08 Tue 22-08 Wed 23-08 Thu 24-08
Off A.M
On P.M


Shed Temperature

The Model B raspberry Pi is at the heart of the data logger. There is an I2C communications set up between the Pi and an MCP9808 Temperature Sensor, the result is displayed on this page

Shed Temperature Now:- °

Yesterdays Temperature

Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature
Yesterday ° °
Today ° °