Sharp VZ3000 Vertical Record Player

This is a very unique record player manufactured by Sharp in the early 1980s. It features a turntable which plays both sides of the LP or single (7 to 12 inch) without having to turn over the vinyl. This is achieved by "AutoDisc" technology marketed by Sharp as "play both sides". It uses two tone arms one on one side of the record and on on the other.

LP door opens at the touch of a button. An advanced feature from the VZ-3500 is that the door closes electronically at the touch of a button .Can be programmed to play both sides, loop play one or both sides.

The cassette player has soft-touch controls which can record your records or the radio or auxiliary input. The tape deck also features a graphic equaliser.

Radio has FM, FM mono, AM.

In 1987 I bought a VZ-3000 off my uncle. Unfortunately being a very inquisitive child I decided to take it to pieces and never managed to get it back together again. Since about 1998 I have been trying to locate one. After a long hard few years of going to car boot sales, table top sales, junk shops, I finally found one on Ebay. I bought this for 48.00 including Postage and packaging, the description on Ebay said that it required a drive belt for the turn table. These pages will show the various stages of the belt being replaced.

The following picture shows the insides taken out of the main cover.

The next picture shows the record drive removed from the main body.  The belt can be seen laying heaped on the turntable.

In the next picture the motor in the top left is the record drive motor, the motor in the top right connected to the gears is the tone arm drive motor. There is a third motor which can not be seen in this picture, this motor controls the automatic door.

The record drive connected back to the main body. At this point I tested it to make sure it was driving ok. I also tested the tape drive.

All put back in Main outer casing and playing a record on Side A.

Pictures of the two tone arms.

SIDE A:- Is at the front of the machine, a green lamp on the front bezel illuminates when this side is playing. The tone arm can be seen through the viewing window. The light that can be seen to the left of the tone arm illuminates the record in the dark so you can see the tracks.

SIDE B :- Is at the rear side of the record and obviously can not be seen when playing. When this side is playing an orange lamp illuminates on the front bezel.