SON Lighting Page

In North Cumbria, SON was generally used to light up the center of the towns and citys. Even to this day Carlisle, Keswick, Wigton and Penrith to name but a few have their centers illuminated by SON. As we move into the 21st century I can see SON fading out and making way for the new LED technologys.

I have been very lucky over the past 10 years or so to be able to collect some nice examples of this light source. The lanterns that are iconic to me are the Thorn Alpha 3 with internal gear, Thorn Alpha 3 with external Gear, Thorn Alpha 8 and the GEC Z8526. Although the GEC Z8526 was not used in Carlisle it was used in other Cumbrian towns.

The following is a list of lanterns that I have managed to collect over the years. The main sources were Dave Carr from Carlisle City Council and Paul Turnbull from Cumbria County Council. Without their help I wouldn't have the collection I have today, many thanks fellas :)