Revo Lucidor B

On the 05/12/2005 I acquired some REVO Lucidor Bs. These lanterns were on Deepdale road in Morton, Carlisle. They were put up in the 1960s and are finally being taken down because of damaged shades, crumbling concrete posts and are in a bad state of disrepair. The replacement lanterns are Thorn Beta 5s on 5M Hockey sticks. Luckily I just happened to be driving past when the work men were taking them down otherwise they would have been skipped. Below is a picture of Deepdale Road with the Revos.

As can be seen from the above picture the lanterns are in a bad way. Below are some pictures of the lanterns once I got them home.

With it being a very cold winter, I decided to leave the lanterns restoration until the new year. On the 14/01/06, it was a nice crisp winters day, so I decided to start stripping the fitting down into it's various components. Below are some pictures of the lantern being dismantled.

As can be seen from the above pictures the lantern's control gear is a very old TO3039 Philips ballast. When switched on it is very loud. The following pictures are of the lantern once it was restored and fitted to the column.

Originally the lantern was controlled by a R.T P42. I had a spare Horstmann T20 that I wanted to use so I fitted it to the lantern.