Phosco P700

The following pictures were taken in 2005 on St Aidens Road in Carlisle.

These Lanterns were put up in about 2003/2004 and were instantly disliked by the residents as they made the road appear dark and gloomy! they were the first Metal Halide lantern to be tried in Carlisle and probably the first Cut off lantern. The previous lanterns were Top Enty Beta 5s, when the new columns were erected they were put in the same place as the Beta 5s columns and the scheme was not redesigned! By 2015 very few of these lanterns remain being replaced by Industria 2600s and a Beta 5!

I acquired a P700 lantern in 2004 as it had been damaged by a truck. Other than a crack in the casting at the back the lantern worked fine. I bought a new 70w HQI lamp for it from Edmundson Electrical. The following pictures are of the lantern.