Philips MA90 Internal Gear Mk2

The following photographs were taken on Ridley Road in Carlisle in 2005. Back then the MA90 internal gear lantern was the lantern of choice. I remember these lanterns first appearing circa 1990, they were installed with two part photocells!

I received my first two MA90s at the back end of 2004, even though the bowls were missing and had no tubes and one had a burnt out ballast, I was still very excited to have them in my collection, well, I say collection, at the time this was the collection. I bought a new Ballast and two new 90w SOX lamps from Edmundson Electrical. I remember firing them up for the first time, it was a great feeling. I was going to buy new bowls for them from Philips, but at £70 each I decided against it. I'm pleased I did because a year or so later I received another one complete with bowl, ballast and tube. I then sold one of the original MA90s and the other was stripped of it's gear and tube to power my Alpha 9. Now, 2015, ten years later, my Alpha 9 still has the gear and tube from the MA90. The following photographs are from 2005 of my MA90s.

After talking to someone on the UKSTLE forum I realised I had scrapped all of my MA90s by Mistake, fortunatley on the 15/05/2015 another three MA90s made their way into my Collection