Philips MA90 External Gear MK1

These lanterns were very popular in Carlisle through the 70s and 80s, then the MkII version was also just as popular through the 80s and into the early 90s when the geared version took over. The following pictures are of a road in Harraby, Carlisle with MA90s MK I.

I acquired this lantern on the 12/11/2008 from Steven, many thanks to Steven for this. I am very happy with this lantern as it now completes my MA90 line up. The following pictures are of the lantern

As can be seen from the last picture above, the label says POS 1 C.O - POS 3 S.C.O this is referring to the lamp holder position markers. The lampholder can be screwed into one of three positions. If the lamp holder is screwed into Position 1, the lantern is classed as a Cut off lantern, Position 2 throws the light out a bit more and position 3 makes the lantern a Semi cut off lantern. This must be a new record for me as I have started the restoration already! I have split the metal spigot from the canopy and removed the bowl. The following picture shows the spigot detached from the canopy.

The new found enthusiasm didn't last long and after two years I decided to clean the lantern. The following pictures are of the lantern being sanded down.

Once sanded down the lantern looked like new, I then put a few coats of primer on then applied white spray. The shoe was sand blasted then had a red oxide applied then a coat of aluminium paint. The following pictures are of the lantern once mounted on a mini column I had built.