Philips MA60 Internal Gear MK1

The following picture is of an MA60 on the A1.

These lanterns are not used in Carlisle or any of the surrounding areas. The largest SOX lantern in use is the 135W SOX. I have always wanted a 180W lantern for my collection, but as they are not used, I never thought I was going to own one. Then one day when I was in Barrow in Furness, south Cumbria, I spotted lots of these lanterns in use on the main trunk roads. I contacted Paul Turnbull from Cumbria county council and explained about the use of these in South Cumbria. He arranged with the lighting engineer in the south of the county to have a brand new one sent up as they are not the preferred lantern any more. I collected the lantern on the 24/06/2007,I was very excited as this is the first 180W lantern in my collection. Many thanks Paul :)

As can be seen from the above picture, it is a very large lantern.