Philips MA50 External Gear MK1

The picture below is of a some MA50s Mk1 on Blackwell Road in Carlisle.

The philips MA50 MkI remote gear is one of those lanterns that has always been around in my lifetime. Currock, the place I grew up used to be full of them on the main roads. When I acquired one from Blackwell road I was really pleased and felt as though I had a piece of my child hood :) . The following pictures are of my Philips MA50

As can be seen from the above photographs the lantern is in good condition. One nice feature about this lantern is the lamp and lamp holder can be set to different heights to make the lantern fully cut off or to allow light everywhere. The adjuster for the lamp support is different to that of the MA90 MkI External gear as this one has 'steps' in the canopy as seen in the fourth photograph above.