Philips MA50 External Gear MK2

In the late 1980s Carlisle city was installing MA50 Mk2s with remote gear. They were controlled via RTE P42 two part cells. Any junction being redeveloped at this time would have MA50s fitted. The road layout was designed circa 1988 when Cowan Sheldons, a crane builders was knocked down and the St Nicholas Gate retail park was built. In about 2012 the junction went through another major revamp which saw the end of the MA50s. The following photographs were taken in 2004.

Back in 2005 when I first started collecting street lights I really wanted a philips MA50. I spotted one on Ebay and won it, this was also my first ebay purchase!! When the lantern arrived I was very excited but also a little dissapointed as I didn't have any gear to run it. Being new to the street light collecting scene I hadn't acquired many items. I was going to purchase some control gear but it was very expensive! Then on one of my trips to the council offices I spotted a 135w Thorn Ballast ontop of the skip. I was thrilled when I got the ballast home , wired it up and the lantern started. The photographs below are of the lantern when it first arrived.

With all my previous lanterns being internally geared I didn't have a column that could accomodate control gear. I decided to convert one of my existing columns to incorporate a gear compartment. The following photos show the lantern on the existing column.

Once the column had been converted...