Philips MA5

These lanterns were commonly used in Carlisle for main road lighting during the late 60s early 70s. Originally I thought that these were ELECO GR150s. When I acquired my first lantern I was surprised to find the Philips Logo on the canopy, it was then that I realised they were MA5s. I acquired this lantern on the 26/08/2008. I was driving up Scotland road and I noticed that lamp 1008 had been changed to an Opalo 3. I sent a text message to Steven from AMEY inquiring about it, he replied saying that it was at my back door. Many thanks to Steven for this :) The following picture is of column 1008 with the new Opalo on.

The following pictures are of the MA5 when I got it home.

As can be seen from the above picture the lantern is in very good condition. On the 1/09/2008 I took the canopy to Cumbria metal restorers for them to sandblast the canopy. I got the lantern back on the 5/09/2008. The following photograph is of the lantern on the morning I took it to the sandblasters.

The following photographs are of the lantern after I had restored it

Eventually after nearly three years since I restored the lantern I have had a Post made for it to be displayed on. The following photographs are of the lantern on it's new post