Metal Halide Lighting Page

Metal Halide is by many standards a new lighting Technology in Carlisle. The first examples of this lighting source I remember was on St Aidens Road and Partridge Place in about 2004. St Aidans road was illuminated with Phosco P700s running 70w HQI lamps whilst Partridge Place was using Industria 2600 running 70w HQIs. Upperby Road was converted from Philips Ma90s to Urbis Opalo 3s in 2006, this for me marked the start of the SOX decline and the white light revolution.

I have been very lucky over the past 10 years or so to be able to collect some nice examples of this light source. The lanterns that are iconic to me are the Opalo 3 and the Phosco P700.

The following is a list of lanterns that I have managed to collect over the years. Thanks to various People from Cumbria County Council and Carlisle City Council for help in saving these lanterns.