Horstmann Sensors

On this page you will find the various types of Horstmann sensors in my collection.

Horstmann Photo-Electric Switch type T20

I acquired this sensor on Monday the 09/06/2008. It had been left in an old concrete column when I spotted it. I contacted Steven, the street lighting contractor and explained about this sensor. He dropped it off for me on 09/06/2008 many thanks to Steven for this. The photos below are of the sensor.

As can be seen in the above pictures the controller dates back to 1972. I am very pleased with this controller as I have quite a few lanterns with T20 cells on them. It is nice to connect the correct cell to the correct controller. Below is a picture of a clear cell.

In February of this year I was lucky enough to find a boxed, brand new old stock Horstmann T20 on Ebay. The following pictures are of the sensor and controller.

Horstmann Type 705

Many thanks to Paul Turnbull from Cumbria County Council for saving this switch for me. I had no Idea that this type of switch was ever used in Cumbria. I collected this switch from Paul on the 31/08/2008. The following pictures are of the switch and sensor when I got them home.

As can be seen from the above pictures the base is the same base as is used with the T20 Sensor!

Horstmann K Range Mark 2 Time Switch

I acquired this switch as the result of a win off EBAY. It arrived on the 24/06/2011.

As can be seen from the above pictures the base is the same as the T20 sensor and type 705.