G.E.C Z8430

The Z8430 is a gearless lamp fitting. This fitting was put up in 1969 and came down in 2004.

As can be seen in the picture taken on the 03-06-05, the G.E.C Z8430 is being powered by the Siemens Sonstar at the base of the column. When I designed the columns and had them made I did not have lanterns with external gear. So I did not design them to incorporate external gear. Since getting the G.E.C Z8430 I have also acquired a Thorn Alpha 3, this also has external gear. I have sent the G.E.C column away for modification to incorporate the gear and I am also having a new column made up for the Alpha 3.

As can be seen from the pictures the fitting needs restored, the canopy needs cleaned and the inside of the canopy needs repainted. The rubber seal is also missing from around the bowl. As mentioned above the fitting and column have gone away. The fittings grub screws are very badly worn and I cannot get them out. The columns are ready and should be here on 13-06-2005. When I get the columns I will restore the fittings.

The pictures below show the modified column and the G.E.C Z8430 mounted on it.

A gear tray was made up from the old siemens Sonstar, this was fitted in the gear compartment of the column. I am going to make a time switch to control the lamp. As can be seen the fitting still needs restored.

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