GEC Z5590

I bought this fitting off fellow street light enthusiast Davy Warren. For this fitting I have gone for a different approach to display the light. Instead of making a steel column, I decided to make the post out of wood, Peter Grieves manufactured a post mounted angled arm for the fitting, a Base for the wooden post to sit in and a control gear box for the time clock and the control gear to mount in. The following pictures show the parts that make up the lamp post.

I bought the wooden post from a local sawmill (For local People), the post is treated which makes it waterproof. Below are some pictures of the post being seated into the metal base.

Here are some pictures of the control gear plate. The plate is the original one that Davy had sent up with the lamp fitting. I was going to have a new one manufactured to incorporate the time clock but Peter Grieves found that by rearranging the parts it was big enough to take time clock. The time clock is made by Hortsmann.

I decided to mount all the parts on the column before I wired it up. The following pictures show the column being assembled.

Unfortunately my Camera's battery went flat so this was as far as I could document. The next set of pictures will show the lamp all together with a special christmassy feel.

And here we are as promised, some pictures of the G.E.C illuminated with a christmassy feel.