Eleco GR501

The following picture shows an Eleco GR501 in Keswick

Towards the end of 2005 I contacted Cumbria County Council lighting department, they put me in touch with Paul Turnbull. On the 28-01-2006 I arranged to meet Paul at the council offices at Sullart street in Cockermouth. He had kept some old light fittings for me. One of the lanterns was an Eleco GR501, these are used in and around Cumbria but not in Carlisle. Below are some pictures of the Eleco/Davis GR501

As this is a 55w lantern, I would class this as a side road lantern, because of this I decided to mount it on a 5' column. As it is a remote geared lantern, I will need the column to have a gear compartment. Below are some pictures of the lantern on the column.

Below are some photographs showing the lantern going through it's warm up phase and my Gran showing her support for the lantern