AC Ford 762

The first picture is of Towers Lane in Cockermouth illuminated by GEC Z5670s. I received a phone call from Paul Turnbull in May informing me about some lanterns that are being replaced on Towers lane in Cockermouth. I drove through and took some photos of them. Paul phoned me again last week (18/06/2008) to tell me that the lanterns had been taken down and that he had saved me eight of them, thank you very much Paul  :-) . It wasn't until I started to update my website that I noticed that they weren't the ones from towers lane! I noticed that the bowls were white, and not clear and that the canopies were stepped and not smooth. I looked at Simon Cornwell's and Mike Barford's site to check, I noticed that their's are similar to the ones on Towers lane. The following pictures are of one of the lanterns.

After discussing it on streetlightinguk forum we have agreed that the lantern is an AC Ford 762. I have started to strip it down, the last picture is of the lantern after I had brushed it down. I intend to completely strip it down and have the base sand blasted.  Paul also very kindly kept some of the control gear for me. I will update this page with the control gear.